Monday, June 29, 2009


The wind.

The wind is soft, yet blustery, today. The temperature outside is just as gentle and warm. I can’t help but feel like the whole world, perceptions inside and out, is kind and maternal as I listen to the rush of the wind through the trees, sounding much like the waves of the sea crashing and rolling against a white sandy beach. And, then, the rhythm of my walk makes me pull the soft noise within….And, it is almost like I can hear the thrum of my heart beat much louder as the blood rushes through my arteries, into my capillaries, back through the veins and back again…Into a heart that has no stress…Just peacefully working at the job that it was created for.

No wonder they call her Mother Nature. Her lullabies are simple, yet very complex symphonies, expressing the all the work She has to do to keep her children balanced and strong… As they unknowingly work to the sound of her music, doing whatever they were created for.

And, what have I been created to do…? This is a question I ask of myself when I am able to connect with the Supreme Magnificence around me. And, as soon as it is asked, the answer pops back into my mind, “Live fully and completely to the best of your ability.”

Sometimes, that is a hard request for me to fulfill, especially when I am making crafts at Camp Quackers.

Then, there are other times that, if I sit quietly and tune into what is going on both inside and outside of me, I am able to find the balance to comply with Her simple request. I look at the purity in the laughter of my babies and can see Her working through me to nurture them according to my instincts (rather than peer pressure). I can look at my life partner, Sweet Robert Twatlips, and see him being the best man he can be and my chest fills with pride as I watch his loving co-parenting of our children. I can see my other friends and loved ones as the wonderful people they are, and sympathize as I see they too, try to comply with Mother Nature’s demand.

Today, I wish to walk with Her and try and not go against my instincts. I also will try to be more aware of the areas (those things I cannot change) and appreciate them as part of the process, instead of the obstacles that frustrate my will.

I pray to George Carlin that everyone has at least one soft day this summer… And, when they encounter it---They are able to listen and flow with Mother Nature… Because she is one helluva Mother when you piss her off by going against your instincts. LOLZ.

Now, I am going back outside to enjoy more of the wind…

Love, light and laughter to all…

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  1. When one is in a "Camp Quackers" often the best of one's ability might just be merely coloring rather than complex craft. I like mandalas (or pictures like your "Mother Nature" at the head of your entry) for getting back to softness.

    Now, where did I put my colored pencils?