Saturday, July 25, 2009

Things I Am Grateful For....

It's been a while since I have done a public gratitude list. Therefore, I am going to start the day off right and write in my journal this morning... You have been warned...LOLZ.

So, what am I grateful for?:

  • I am grateful that I am in God's (George Carlin's) pocket, because I like to play around with his Ipod.
  • I am grateful to have a husband who understands that when I am crazy, I am not Catherine anymore.
  • I am grateful for all the friends who have supported me through this past year.
  • I am grateful for all four of my children, who have the laughter, innocence, and love that I always wished for when I was a child.
  • I am grateful that I am actively working a program of recovery to help me clean up the messes I made while I was bonkers.
  • I am grateful that I have all my basic needs met--Place to live, food to eat, and clothes on my back.
  • I am grateful for my morning walk this morning; it was a great way to wake my senses to the fact that the clouds, trees, and birds are still just as beautiful as they always are.
  • I am grateful to have medications that bring me back from the dark place and back into the light.
  • I am grateful to have all the professionals who have helped to support me as I traveled through the recent bout of psychosis--Helping me to get back to sanity in a way that I don't feel any shame or embarrassment regarding it all.
  • I am grateful that I get to continue my college education this Fall!
  • I am grateful for my computer, which allows me to communicate with so many people who are dually-diagnosed, as they teach me how to live with my own dual-diagnosis.
  • I am grateful for silly hats.
  • I am grateful that I have another chance to try this sanity thing and, also, return the love that has been so freely given to me.
  • I am grateful for facebook spammery!
  • I am grateful for my new blog...I feel like I can be more open and honest here.
  • I am grateful for my sponsor.
  • I am grateful that my hemorrhoids went away!
  • I am grateful that my husband's father is feeling much stronger since his chemo treatments.
  • I am grateful for my children's arts and crafts...They always wow me with how purely creative the child's mind is--This inspires me to keep up on my own creativity. (like lying to the cops....I KID! I KID! lolz)
  • I am grateful to have you all, dear readers.... You have done saved my bacon more that I can count fer.
Okay...There you have it.

Love always, Catherine Teh Paper Plate

Sunday, July 19, 2009

George Carlin

Flutter the pulse gone rapid

On the hospital bed lay
Images of life passes through the selfish memory
Before fading to gray

Scared and confused
Making frightened requests to a God that you never did pray
Intelligence and ego shattered
Begging comes natural; "Why me?" as the night overcomes the day

With a powerful WHOOSH you are back and alive
Thanking the God of Atheists for whatever come may
Some pills and instructions, the doctor sends you home
Easily forgotten are the prayers of dismay

Feeling that science and intellect
Saved your bacon, the arrogance comes back and betrays
The one and only connection to the spiritual world around all
Like a toy that you were slightly interested in, you cast it away

Where are you, now?
My softly dying friend
You inspired me greatly in a way
The spiritual death in your eyes reminding me...

Who gives a fuck if I pray to George Carlin
As long as I pray
Because I want to be a part of the fabric of world's humanity
Every single day

Thank you my friend... My Atheist pal...
I love you greatly despite the fight you play
Against a whole world that is connected
No matter how much you blind yourself to the sunshine's ray

Feel the warmth of the sun my friend
Feel the compassion of a springtime windy day
Feel the joy of a bird set free
Feel everything...So that you might stay

Cradled in the majesty of the known universe
With comfort that nobody ever really dies; they just go away
For awhile--Until everyone joins you, no matter what they say
No matter what their religion, they all come to the same place
Of energy, molecules, and star-birthing fire...

In the meantime, I will be here for you, my friend...
Until our dying days.
Now, quit the fattening junk food and the cigarettes
And, go out and exercise
Because, if you have another heart attack

I am going to have to kill you
You fatass lazy shit-fer-brains,
Because that will mean I will have to quit everything just the same
Armed with donuts and coffee, I will beat you into a bloody pulp
Then, I will go to prison

For violating a corpse.
So, please...please...please Catherine
Try to live a more healthier way..
33 is too young to have your life slip away.

So, wake up and smell the orange juice, bitch.
You have children to take care of, today
It's time to wake up
And grow up....

And throw your toys away.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

My writing pen is taking a break...

Since Robert's dad was admitted to the hospital, I have not been feeling like writing much. My concern for both of them has kinda pushed aside my need for whimsy and blahblahblah. Therefore, I have decided to take a hiatus and deal with real life fully...

I miss you guys, though. A lot.


Sunday, July 12, 2009

Maybe I Will Try To Chew....*hurl* Maybe Not.

Went to the ER this morning with chest and arm pain. I figured it was just a bad panic attack and was hoping that they would confirm this and I could go home and wait it out... Instead, I got strapped up to all these monitors, fed baby asprin and nitroglycerin, got a chest x-ray and morphine. Then, after three hours they said that it was most likely a panic attack; but, because my heart was doing some funky shit, I have to go have a stress test later this week.

They told me I have to stop smoking since my older brother has a history of having a heart attack at 37. Also, when I told them about Rob's mom and dad being stricken with lung cancer, the doc told me I should stop smoking around him altogether, because my second-hand smoke would likely kill him considering his history.

I have been trying, on and off, for the past year to quit. I have the fucking gum, I have been exercising when I notice I am starting to chain-smoke... The doc assured me that, since my bipolar shit is now stabilized, now would be a good time to give Chantix a try.

Part of me wants to quit and another part of me wants to chain-smoke like hell.

God help me.

Jesus Crappants.... I am more worried about Rob's health more than mine.

I am just really apathetic about warnings of death for myself; to be honest, I would love the release from the pain in my brain when I am going nuts.

I don't know if I am making sense. I sure know that I am a selfish bitch...


Thanks for listening.


Friday, July 10, 2009

Seeing The Past And The Future; Robert and His Dad

For those of you who did not know, Robert's dad got diagnosed with lung cancer a few months back. All of us were rocked by the diagnosis, because his mother passed away from the same cancer three years ago. As I looked on, I couldn't help but feel a little disgusted for all the people I know who whine about drama and gossip... While watching Robert as he stoically walked beside his father through chemo, and helping his very proudly independent dad with carrying groceries up the stairs for him.

Every day that has gone by, I have become more and more in love with him and his father as they wordlessly expressed their intimacy through hard-nose jokes about the doom and gloom of our depressed economy. I have seen my husband do everything to accommodate his father, no small request was considered as trifling; if there was something to do for his dad...He did it without question. It was clear to me that this dance between father and son was private and personal; so, I just tried my best to support them as I possibly could and respect both of their dignity...

In other words, they didn't want any bimbo-driven, ovary-related gushes of tears and boohoos.... And since I saw that they were both strong enough to go through this with their chins up, I tried my best to mirror them and do the same....

And, whaddya know? I learned a new way of expressing my emotions---WITHOUT WORDS! (*gong* EUREKA!!) Instead, I learned to give soft hugs, back rubs, and better eye contact.(sometimes I really suck at eye contact) I can honestly say that I never knew how to express my emotions this way, without being an utter blab-basket. In return, I have gotten a chance to see the past and the future of both these old-fashioned men and my heart has grown big, knowing that Robert will most likely turn out to be just like his dad when he gets older. A little grouchy, sarcastic, stand-up guy.... And, I like what I see.

Yesterday, Robert's dad was admitted to the hospital, put on a ventilator, and admitted to the ICU. The doctors think it is due to a lung infection, being that the chemo had worn his immune system down. So, from what I understand, he has to be on the vent for a few days and then he will be transferred to a regular Oncology bed, until he is completely well. Since yesterday, Rob has spent every moment he has by his father's side, until visiting hours are over, and then he comes home to me...I can see how tired he is... But, there is also another part that I see in his eyes, the part that KNOWS he is doing all he can to comfort his father, and is accepting of what is going on. That part...makes my tears well up, even as I write this.

He is a strong man, my Robert. And, I love him with all of my heart.

Even now, I am waiting for him to come home, and am jumping up at every car that passes by like some lovesick teenager...Eager to hug her beau.

So that is what has been up with me and my writing. Real life, once again, calls for all of my attention. But, that's okay...

My two old men have taught me about patience and watching the world talk to me in things that are not words...

I can hang.


P.S. To all of those who have been praying and meditating for us.... Thank you from the bottom of my gushy nerd-bimbo's heart.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


I know it has been quite sometime since I have posted last. I have been up to knees in real-life drama and weirdness, and it is now that I find myself having the time to take a break in this warm summer heart.

Speaking of warm, heat.....I am convinced that the Antichrist comes as male and as a female and they are like the Wondertwins from Superheros. Alone, they benignly babble and try to map out the actual figures of how many Republicans love the John Stewart show. (According to them, you would totally be surprised).

Today the dual antichrist lured me from my nice cool cocoon on the couch and forced me to go OUTSIDE!!!! Now before you get a lookin' on your face, lemme tell you, I tried to make them change their minds. I asked dem, "Hey you, poopfactory, why don't you get a job you hairless monkey." That didn't work, so I tried a different angle, "Hey you, I am Lord Kegel Lips and I demand you clean my house forthwith!!!" They just stared at me....

And stared at me, if I was a big ghey vampire fan, I would say that they stared at me with their eyes havin' a preternatural glowww....But, I am NOT a fucking ghey ass vampire freak, so, I will be telling you with mah own words.....

They glared at me like I was a honey-roasted ham surrounded by butterbuns. They advanced. And as they advanced they called out, "WEWANAGOOUSSIDE!" step after step.




Finally, out of sheer terror of the posssibility of Satan making me take over the Billy Mays empire, I shot out of the chair and took my lil' sweet demons out to play in the yard. They immediately began making trouble by fighting over a bike. "MIIIIIEEEEE BIKE! MIEEEEEE BIKE!!!!'

Brilliant parentfigure that I was, I decided to nullify their argument by grabbing the bike out of their hands and ride off on it. I lasted ten seconds before I ate dirt. That was the moment that the kids did some power-kid punch off and totally tore up my life.

One of them yanked my bike away, as the girl got preoccupied with my plants and began picking the biggest blossoms. Half-paralyzed and with the living breath knocked out of me, I can only wheeze,"YOU little dork turd get away from my flowers and don't you dare touchthat aloe plaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnt ARRRRRGH! You evil demon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You could have left the aloe alone."

Bored with flowers and bikes, they began to fight over the bubbles, and the wicked she-heathen won by drinking the entire bottle down like it was Mountain Dew.By this time I had recovered enough to get back on my feet and I looked down at her, "You are gonna get a mad case of diarrhea from that, you know?"

And the infidel had the stones to smile at me and say, "MORE MORE DIARRHEA!"

My last wit broken and craving some chocolate, I shood the brats inside and told them to wait until daddy gets home. So, I grab my pop and on the way inside --they had it so that all of our outside gear was blocking the door. The twin demons began laughing and laughing as they watched me kick my door in.

FINALLY, inside the house, shaking with fear, wondering what the hellions would do next, my mouth went dry. I tipped my soda into my mouth as if I was a thirsty man from the desert.


Them little beautiful minievil-creatures had poured a whole helluva lot of bubble sauce into my drink. I vomited. I coughed and gagged and I crawled down the stairs to beg them mercy and my son said to me, "I can't find your pursey (he meant purse so get those weirded out faces outta here!) because you have a really really reaaaaaaaaaaally big butt."

I am thinking of calling the cops. But, I have a feeling that most cops are secretively on the criminal's side....So, maybe I won't.

One thing I can do now, is to hide on the computer and put some Boomerang on for them. Boomerang must be some sort of meditative device, because as soon as I put it on, they get alll vacant-eyed and drooly.

Whatever. I am going to go pillow-fight on facebook.