Sunday, July 19, 2009

George Carlin

Flutter the pulse gone rapid

On the hospital bed lay
Images of life passes through the selfish memory
Before fading to gray

Scared and confused
Making frightened requests to a God that you never did pray
Intelligence and ego shattered
Begging comes natural; "Why me?" as the night overcomes the day

With a powerful WHOOSH you are back and alive
Thanking the God of Atheists for whatever come may
Some pills and instructions, the doctor sends you home
Easily forgotten are the prayers of dismay

Feeling that science and intellect
Saved your bacon, the arrogance comes back and betrays
The one and only connection to the spiritual world around all
Like a toy that you were slightly interested in, you cast it away

Where are you, now?
My softly dying friend
You inspired me greatly in a way
The spiritual death in your eyes reminding me...

Who gives a fuck if I pray to George Carlin
As long as I pray
Because I want to be a part of the fabric of world's humanity
Every single day

Thank you my friend... My Atheist pal...
I love you greatly despite the fight you play
Against a whole world that is connected
No matter how much you blind yourself to the sunshine's ray

Feel the warmth of the sun my friend
Feel the compassion of a springtime windy day
Feel the joy of a bird set free
Feel everything...So that you might stay

Cradled in the majesty of the known universe
With comfort that nobody ever really dies; they just go away
For awhile--Until everyone joins you, no matter what they say
No matter what their religion, they all come to the same place
Of energy, molecules, and star-birthing fire...

In the meantime, I will be here for you, my friend...
Until our dying days.
Now, quit the fattening junk food and the cigarettes
And, go out and exercise
Because, if you have another heart attack

I am going to have to kill you
You fatass lazy shit-fer-brains,
Because that will mean I will have to quit everything just the same
Armed with donuts and coffee, I will beat you into a bloody pulp
Then, I will go to prison

For violating a corpse.
So, please...please...please Catherine
Try to live a more healthier way..
33 is too young to have your life slip away.

So, wake up and smell the orange juice, bitch.
You have children to take care of, today
It's time to wake up
And grow up....

And throw your toys away.

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  1. That is a wonderful piece of writing ....
    and I will also pray for your father in law.